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LEAD Scholars
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Hours Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm
Phone 407-823-2223
Fax 407-823-3942
Location Ferrell Commons, Building 7E Room 165

UCF's LEAD Scholars Academy provides a selective two-year academic leadership development program for first time in college students. These students are committed to academic excellence and making a difference in the world around them. Learning about leadership in the classroom is only meaningful when the knowledge is put to use. LEAD Scholars guide and inspire their peers in a variety of ways on campus. Our scholars make a difference in the UCF and Central Florida community with thousands of hours of community service each year.

Our 2016 Peer Mentors put together a funny video about LEAD academic program requirements!
Posted on Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 @ 1:00pm

Every LEAD Scholar must complete their involvement requirements to be considered in good standing with the program. They're FUNdatory!

Common gray area problems between service and philanthropy
Posted on Wednesday, January 13th, 2016 @ 10:11am

Check out the graphic to know the difference! LEAD Scholars complete active service, not passive philanthropy.

LEADing in Retention and Graduation Rates
Written by LEAD Scholars graduate and LEAD Onward Resident Assistant Megan Loibl.
Posted on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015 @ 1:55pm

Friday’s release of the university’s retention and progression report showed students active in the LEAD Scholars Academy continue to lead UCF to excellence.
LEAD Scholars students entering the Academy last year have achieved the program’s highest one-year retention rate to date, with 96.5 percent of student leaders continuing at UCF this academic year. UCF’s overall student population retention rate between year one and year two came in at 88% this year.
“I am so excited that LEAD Scholars has reached a 96.5 percent retention rate. This is the highest rate that has been reported since 2007 when student group retention scores were first calculated. I truly feel that LEAD Scholars Academy makes a difference in the life of our students and provides high impact practices which lead to progression and graduation,” said Director Dr. Stacey Malaret.
Sophomore elementary education major and LEAD peer mentor Ileana Garcia shared her input on the retention of LEAD Scholars: “I believe LEAD Scholars stay in the program not only because of the community LEAD Scholars offers to students to feel more at home within UCF but also because of the similarities that bring us together to join LEAD in the first place. It is not about what your major is or what your career path is going to be, but the idea that we are brought together through the want and need to grow through leadership as individuals. That to me is why I stayed, because I might not have the same major, but I can still learn leadership skills through my peers around me and the professors there to guide us.”
In 2014 UCF President John C. Hitt established a goal to have a six-year graduation rate of 70 percent across the university by 2017. This year’s statistics came in just under that figure at 69.6 percent. LEAD Scholars’ six-year graduation rate is 83 percent, 13 percent higher.
UCF ranked third of the public Florida universities, with a 67 percent six-year graduation rate, behind only the University of Florida (86 percent) and Florida State University (77 percent) at that time. UCF ranked above eight other state universities seeking to boost their graduation rates, including Florida Atlantic University, which was in last place and hoped to boost its rate to 48 percent by 2017.
Retention rates are determined by the number of students who enroll at UCF their freshman year and are continuously enrolled in the fall semester of their second year. These students are then tracked for the following four years when six-year graduation rates are calculated.

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