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LEAD Scholars
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What is the LEAD Scholars Academy academic program?

The LEAD Scholars Academy is a 2 year leadership development program for freshman and sophomore students at UCF. It teaches about different leadership styles among others and yourself. It helps students to realize their potential as a leader in their personal/professional lives through community service, classes, and social activities.

What are the benefits of being in the Academy?

There are countless benefits to participating in the LEAD Scholars Academy! Students will get priority registration and three term registration, can receive a $200 stipend each semester in good standing for a total of $800 over four semesters, attend the annual REEL Retreat in August, become a member of the LEAD Student Association (LSA) or Leadership Excellence Board (LEB), participate in Homecoming, live in LEAD Housing in Neptune 157, and study in the LEAD Lounge in Ferrell Commons 165. Most importantly, LEAD offers a home away from home on one of the largest college campuses in the nation.

How many students usually apply and are accepted? Why was my student selected to apply?

Applications are open from January 1st of each year until we reach capacity. We usually receive around 600 applicants. About half of these will actually start the LEAD Scholars Academy in the fall. Every student that is first time in college and that is accepted to the University is sent an application for the LEAD Scholars Academy.

What is the telephone interview?

We conduct a telephone interview with every applicant once their entire application has been received. Students will register for their phone interview after submitting their online application. The interview is conducted by a student in the LEAD Scholars Academy and is 15 minutes long. It gives students a chance to expand on their application.

Can my student apply once they are at UCF?

No. The academic program only admits first time in college students applying before their freshman year at UCF begins. They cannot apply or reapply to the program after their first Fall semester.

When are applications due?

Typically in late May; however, if our application pool is low, we may extend out deadline until mid-summer.

When will students be notified of acceptance into the program?

Students will be sent notification of acceptance or rejection within 3 weeks of their telephone interview.

What are the requirements of the Academy?

To remain in good standing for each of the four semesters, every LEAD Scholar is required to:

  • Complete 15 approved community service hours (increased during 3rd semester to 25 hours)

  • Attend 2 LEAD events (events that LSA/LEB coordinates)

  • Attend 2 Impact events (educational workshops hosted by UCF departments)

  • Take a LEAD Scholars course and earn at least a B average

  • Maintain at least 3.0 cumulative GPA

  • In the Spring: Attend 1 Leadership Week event

  • For 1st Years only: Attend All Access the first week of Fall term

How is my student going to handle this in their first semester?

LEAD Scholars are driven, motivated, and work hard for their goals. Your student will be surrounded by a community of future leaders of SGA, Greek life, student organizations, and community service organizations. The directors, staff, and student leaders are here for your student to help them with whatever they need. And, all 1st semester courses have a 2nd Year Peer Mentor to help them transition into a university lifestyle and be a guaranteed friend their first week of school.

What is LEAD Housing?

LEAD Scholars has a living learning community in the Academic Village, next to the Recreation and Wellness Center. Neptune 157 has 114 beds and they are on a first come, first serve basis. Acceptance into the LEAD LLC is dependent on how early your student applies for UCF Housing in general, if they complete the secondary LLC application on MyUCF after applying to the LEAD Scholars Academy, and their date of commitment to the LEAD Scholars Academy.

Can students participate in other programs while in LEAD Scholars?

Yes, we encourage it! Most of our students participate in Honors, Greek Life, Rosen, registered student organizations, and more while in LEAD Scholars. LEAD Scholars supplements their involvement on campus and introduces them to more opportunities and experiences.

*Students are not permitted to take part of both LEAD Scholars and the LEARN Program

Is LEAD Scholars a scholarship?

No, LEAD Scholars is not a scholarship program; it’s a leadership program! We do offer four private foundation scholarships only for LEAD Scholars that students may apply for after their first semester.

Is LEAD Orientation mandatory?

No, LEAD Scholars is not a scholarship program; it’s a leadership program! The LEAD Scholars Academy offers a $200 fellowship stipend. To receive this, you must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form to the Office of Student Financial Aid. This fellowship stipend is receive at the end of the fall and spring semesters (if you are in good standing with the program and have fulfilled all program requirements). We do offer four private foundation scholarships only for LEAD Scholars that students may apply for after their first semester.