Undergraduate Research Program

The Undergraduate Research program is designed to allow students entering the LEAD Scholars Academy track to have a professional, hands-on, paid, research related experience. These students are 3rd/4th year university students who have been accepted into the new LEAD Scholars Academy track program. This experience will include 10 hours per week for 15 weeks during the spring semester.

This program will allow LEAD Scholars in any field of study an opportunity to learn and develop their skills within that career area.

We believe that allowing LEAD Scholars to start exploring and participating in career and research related experiences early on in their college career will allow students to be more likely to create realistic and detailed career plans to follow for the remainder of their time in college.

A unique aspect of this program is the mentor relationship that is created. The faculty or staff member that is paired with students will be expected to create and facilitate a mentor / mentee relationship with LEAD students; hopefully this relationship will continue to grow and benefit both parties throughout the students' time at UCF and beyond.

The assistantship program differs from most career related programs at UCF in the fact that it is only one (1) semester and is only available to UCF departments and offices.

If selected, there is a mandatory training session that students and faculty/staff must attend. Training times will be posted prior to the Fall deadline for applications to the program.

Please note-Proposals that include significant research experience opportunities for LEAD Scholars will be considered first.